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This article will mention what are the Java platforms available and what are the features and differences on those platforms.

  • Java SE – Java Standard Edition
  • Java EE – Java Enterprise Edition
  • Java ME – Java Micro Edition
  • JavaFx

Java SE – Standard Edition

Java SE is the base for EE platform and it contains core functionalities
of java. Moreover this contains core API and VM and other development tools and libraries.

Java EE – Standard Edition

Java EE to is build upon Java SE platform. In addition to SE, EE provides
multi-tire, scalable , reliable and secure network applications.

Java ME – Standard Edition

This also include an API which is subset of API of SE/EE has. And a JVM with minimum functionalities since this platform for devices like mobile phones, palmtops and so on.


FX for mainly GUI related applications. Nowadays desktop application developers are mostly using.

So I believe now you have an idea what are the main differences of Java SE/EE/ME and FX. You can comment and ask any questions if you have any issues. Moreover subscribe PickoCode YouTube Channel for more tech videos.